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space Updated bimonthly: Sep/Oct 2017 issue
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INSIDE — here are a few of the articles featured in the current issue of Pathfinder.
Editorial: To Balance the Scales. . . let Universal Tikkun* begin, pg 2

More about the Cover, pg 2

"The Brightest Future,", pg 9

An Empath's Life, pg 3


Editorial: Reflect, refine, reclaim, repair, redeem. . .
To Balance the Scales. . .
Let Universal Tikkun* Begin
© 2017 by Rose A. Jenkins, Editor. All rights reserved.
space * Tikkun, or Tikkun Olam": Hebrew for "repairing the world." space
Fall, autumn, harvest. . . the time of year for many cultures to engage in serious introspection, atonement, sacrifice, celebration and addressing the profound shifts urging us on to more and deeper transformation – a gift for those who are on the path of Perfection.

Autumn Review
In September, secularly speaking, we have Labor Day (Sep 4), as a "tip of the hat" to workers (and their families). Sadly, many workers are not permitted to take this day off. Like so many of our national holidays, it's listed on the calendar, but many are unable to notice any leisure or time to live or enjoy a fuller life because of the 365/24/7 time whips wielded by the 1%. — America, friends and Readers, lags very far behind Europe (and even some third world countries), where it is not uncommon for workers to enjoy six weeks of vacation. Despite tremendous increases in productivity, American workers have very little to show for what amounts to indentured servitude.

Jewish, Hindu, Christian, Pagan Days of Note
[*] Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah (Sep 21) – The Shofar* will be blown for the coming new year, 5778. Yom Kippur, (Day of Atonement, Sep 30), when deep humility and personal inventory is made by those with sincere hearts. For those who truly want to perfect themselves, take this opportunity to acknowledge what is in process of becoming perfect, but not yet perfected. (*Ram's horn)

Later on there is:
[*] Durga Puga (a multi-day celebration of the Goddess, Sep 25 thru the 27th), honoring Durga, or Ma Durga (Ma referring to Mother). Durga, "the Invincible," is one of the most celebrated deities in India, and with as many as 108 names or aspects. Example: Durganasini, Destroyer of Diffuculties. She is the original "Warrior Queen," consort of Shiva. When not in "battle gear," she is the incomparably beautiful, Parvati.

Then, in October there is. . .
[*] St. Francis' Feast Day and Blessing of the Animals (Oct 4), honoring the Patron Saint of Ecology and man's need to honor Creation (see pg 13). St. Francis is the "mentor" of Pope Francis, who took the name "Francis" consciously with deep mindfulness. (Pope Francis' "Laudato Si" could serve as a starting point for "repairing the world" – building bridges between people, and between people and the Natural World.)

[*] Sukkoth, Feast of Tabernacles, and the Harvest Full Moon (Oct. 5). Sharing God's blessings . . .

[*] All Hallow's Eve (Hallo'een, Oct 31), the thinning veil, honoring souls departed, but not forgotten. Many celebrate this deeply spiritual day with masks and candy, forgetting its significance. Instead, many now take time to replace those toxic, sugary treats with a solemn but simple ritual lighting of candles to honor those who have crossed over.

[Pick up this month's issue for the rest of the editorial content. . .]    top
Durga, as Parvati

St. Francis preaches to the animals of God's Love for them

— Rose ("the editor") Jenkins


  More About the Sep/Oct 2017 Cover
space “Cloud- Hanging Bridge at Mount Gyodo near Ashikaga”

c. 1834, by Hokusai. From "120 Japanese Prints," royal- free art published by Dover. Background by Rose A. Jenkins.

Again I turned to Hokusai, a personal favorite, for this issue's cover. For me, the "Cloud-hanging Bridge" represents this seasonal transitional period pretty well! I had to crop the image, though, to fit. Apologies to Hokusai!!

space    Top

Cloud Hanging Bridge


Share International Event and Discussion Upcoming
The Brightest Future*    Top

© by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

Article reprinted with author's and/or publisher's permission. Some modification. Edited for brevity, clarity and/or flow. Editor's comments, etc. in square brackets.

*From "A Master Speaks," Share International Foundation newsletter, April 2017. (p 437)

From where, one may ask, is the vision to come which will inspire men to relinquish the ways of the past – war, competition and destruction of the planet – and so lead to the creation of a path to sharing, justice and peace?

For how long must men wait for a sign that this is even feasible? Where should men look for a glimmer, even, of hope?

Without doubt, there is much happening in the world to strain the credence of all but the most convinced that this much to be desired event is not only possible but assured.

From what basis can such a statement be made? From what superior knowledge does it issue? How in this uncertain world can such confidence be maintained? The answers to these legitimate questions lie in the fact known to all Hierarchy (but not yet to all men) that Their Head and Leader, Maitreya Himself, is, for many years now, present in the everyday world; that many of Their illustrious Brothers, likewise, walk once more with men. This fact alone is quite without precedent. It betokens something wonderful and new for men. For the first time in countless thousands of years these 'men without fault' will teach men how to live, simply and well, in peace and right relationship.

Thus it may be said that the future for man is assured. Men, however, must accept and put in place the mechanism for peace: the recognition that all men are equal and one, each an expression of the divinity which permeates all Being. When this is clearly understood, men will have little difficulty in creating the path to peace. The divine aspects of justice and freedom will gain new meaning and importance, and hasten the day when sharing of resources assumes its natural, logical place as the answer to man's present dilemma and strife.    Top

“The divine aspects of justice and freedom will gain new meaning and importance, and hasten the day when sharing of resources assumes its natural, logical place as the answer to man's present dilemma and strife.”

Maitreya: “Take your brother's need as the measure for your action, and solve the problems of the world.”

Change or Perish. . .
Until now, all such ideas and demonstrations of spiritual living were made by [individuals spread out over time]. . . Slow indeed has been the response to their heroic example. Nevertheless, circumstances are now exerting on men unusual and insupportable pressures – men must adapt and change, or perish.

As they search for answers to their problems they will find Maitreya and His Group ready to respond, ready to guide men away from danger and further folly. They have the answers which thus far have eluded men, the answers which alone will assure the future, the brightest possible future, for the race of men.*

What, after all, is this bright future that awaits humanity in this new Age of Aquarius? Over the past decades, Maitreya and Benjamin Creme's Master have provided glimpses of the future that we can articulate in our interactions with friends and family, and inspire their hopes and dreams.

Now is the time to fire the imagination, knowing that these plans for humanity's future are already made. Can you imagine a future in which humanity becomes a font of creativity as yet unknown on Earth: cities built with Love specifically to inspire the arts, sciences, healing: being able to know and consciously experience the great adventure of reincarnation, thus ending the fear of "death" forever. . . These advancements and more are posted as "Glimpses of the Future" in the Archives of

Maitreya and The Masters are waiting to show humanity the way into this amazing future: They know the way. Our task right now is to create the climate of hope that allows Them to publically begin Their mission, and to help humanity absorb the tremendously beneficial energies now pouring into Earth. We each can make a real difference right now by serving in whatever way we can, and by participating in Transmission Meditation to make the potent Aquarian energies available to all humanity.
    A special Share presentation will be given this autumn at the Schlafly Public Library. [See Special Mentions, Oct., for details.

Need an emotional bandage? Or more than that?

An Empath's Life

© by Corrie Stanley

Article reprinted with author's permission. Some modification. Edited for brevity, clarity and/or flow. Editor's comments, etc. in square brackets.

"You're too sensitive!" "You need to lighten up!" The television and radio volumes are ALWAYS up too loud, you are introverted to the point of wanting to be a hermit, and you find being in a crowd overwhelming to the point of possibly having a panic attack. Sound familiar?

If you are an empath or highly sensitive person, you undoubtedly have heard and felt this from the time you were little. While I have been an empath my whole life, I did not realize that there was a name for my gifts and did not know that those gifts could be thought of as positive until just a couple of years ago. Through research, reading, and study, the feelings that I had been experiencing my entire life finally began to make sense to me as I learned what some of the classic signs of being an empath are, and realized that most of these applied to me.

Sensing, Feeling, Knowing
An empathic or highly sensitive person is one who feels and senses things at a heightened level, far more than the average person. Empaths have a tendency to absorb other people's emotions and energy, and are deeply affected by sensory stimuli, such as lights, sounds, crowds, and even smells. A person who is an empath may have trouble distinguishing when a feeling is their own or when they are picking it up from another person or place. Empaths are usually very caring, sensitive people who are very giving and highly tuned-in to others, and while this can make navigating the world of feelings and emotions difficult, these gifts can also be a lifeline for understanding a world that can often be harsh and confusing. Until an empath learns the ins and outs of this unique sensitivity, however, they often can suffer from mental and physical health issues, such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, irritability, weight gain, and even substance abuse.

An empath's life may NOT be an easy one; imagine being assaulted with feelings, both emotional and physical, from people, animals, places, and situations, that often times the empath cannot distinguish as her own or someone else's. When I first heard the term "empath," it was in the title of a Star Trek: The Original Series episode, in which the main characters of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy have been transported to a laboratory run by aliens who are bent on torturing them to test a beautiful young female alien from another world.* If she passes their "test," her world will be saved from destruction. She is an empath who can feel the crew's symptoms and injuries, taking them upon herself, and healing them. In the episode, the aliens torture Dr. McCoy to the point of death, and the test is to see if the female will give of herself that much, knowing that her own life would be in danger if she tried to heal such massive injuries.* . . . (Yes, I am a life-long Trekkie and proud of it!) I remember being absolutely fascinated by the idea that someone could feel that deeply and could have that kind of healing power. While people we know as empaths likely cannot heal life-threatening injuries just by "absorbing them," they do have the ability, through their heightened sensitivities, to pick up on the energies and emotions of people, animals, and places. Some empaths also have other abilities, such as clairvoyance, telepathy, and the ability to feel the physical symptoms of others in their own bodies (as the character from Star Trek did). — [*Ed's:With Kirk's urging, she does reach out to heal McCoy, enduring the pain. Kirk also slams the aliens for insisting on total selflessness – and how much compassion a person needs to prove that he/she has worth. As this truth sinks in, being made aware of their excessive zeal, the aliens transport the crew back to the Enterprise and save the girl's planet. Yes, I'm also a life-long Trekkie and science-fiction fan.]

Development as an Empath
As I stated before, it was not until I was in my late 40's that I realized I was in fact an empath, with the ability to pick up and absorb energies from other living beings and places. Looking back, while this spiritual gift has been difficult at times to learn to live with, it was also a vital skill for me early in my life while trying to live in a dysfunctional family setting. I learned to be very observant and to "read" people, picking up on subtle clues of body language, behavior, energy, and unspoken words that would allow me to interpret the situation and plan my best course of action. While this was something that became second nature to me, unfortunately it [also kept] me locked in a rigid pattern of hypervigilance, always waiting for the other shoe to drop, and eventually lead to massive panic attacks and anxiety by the time I was in my mid-40's

I also began to finally notice that some of the feelings I was experiencing made no sense, as they seemingly were not my own: one time we arrived at my parents' home for a vacation, and upon entering the house, the negative, volatile energy hit me like a ton of bricks, and I soon found myself in the bathroom sweaty, nauseous, and shaking, not knowing what in the world was going on. On many occasions, I have been driving in my car by myself and burst into tears for no reason. My husband and I recently had the opportunity to tour a big cat wildlife refuge for lions and tigers that had been rescued from abusive and/or neglectful situations; upon entering the gate, I found myself awash in grief and anguish, and I knew that those emotions were not mine.

Yet another example was finding myself in tears once again upon realizing that the date was July 1st, the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, and in that instance, I found out it was also possible to pick up energy from a historical event. When an empath figures out how to tell separate foreign emotions and feelings from their own, it makes it easier to acknowledge them and then let them go.    Top

Gift, Dharma (?)
So what, then, is an empath to do? How do we survive in a world that is full of energies that hit us full on and threaten to drown us in a sea of emotions, thoughts, feelings, and sensations every day? In my case, the first step was acknowledging and validating that I have these gifts, and the next step was to begin educating myself in any way I could about what it means to be an empath. Reading books and articles on the subject can give you a good background, and can help you figure out if you really do have these traits. Internet searches can help you sift through the loads of resources available to you, and then you can pick out the information that you find most useful.

Then, learning how to ground and shield yourself from the other energies you encounter every day is a must. There are many strategies and techniques that empaths have found helpful. . .

For grounding, you can imagine roots growing out from the bottom of your feet and sinking deep down into the earth to touch the grounding and stabilizing energy there. Walking in nature, drinking extra water, allowing your feet to come in contact with the earth, exercise, listening to music with a very steady beat, taking a bath with sea salts, etc. are all good grounding techniques. When you know that you will have to go out and "people," as we say, shielding techniques can help make the experience less stressful – imagine yourself in a protective bubble of white or iridescent light that no lower energies can penetrate, call upon the Angels (especially Archangel Michael) to shield and protect you as you go about your day, pray, call in your guides for protection, imagine that you have a force field around you, etc.

Lastly, there are many support groups now, especially on social media, specifically for empaths and how to cope with the gifts. Look around and find the group that resonates with you and that you feel can help you the most.

While being an empath can be difficult at times, there are positives to having these gifts and they make us who we are. I can read most people as easily as I read words on a page, as well as being able to read the energy of a place, an animal, or an event. To me, these are like the behavioral and energetic context clues that help me to understand what is going on in most situations. Empaths have the ability to feel and experience life at a much deeper level than most, and while that makes the hurts bigger, it also makes the positives and the joys that much richer and meaningful.

Making the Best of this Gift
[Though] some empaths express that they wish they did not have these gifts, Star Trek can once again impart for us some wisdom regarding that. Certain episodes in the Star Trek universe have dealt with a character's duality, being split, and having devastating consequences. In the Original Series episode "The Enemy Within," Capt. Kirk is split into a "good" half and "evil" half [Ed's quotes] due to a transporter malfunction. His evil half goes around the ship committing acts of violence and aggression, while the good [compassionate, wise] half cannot seem to make a command decision or fulfill his duties as captain.

In the Star Trek: Voyager episode, "Faces", character B'elanna Torres is split into her Klingon and human halves by scientists who want to use her Klingon DNA as a cure for a horrific plague on their home world. Again, the two halves have difficulty functioning apart from each other.

And probably the most famous character with duality issues in the Trek series is Mr. Spock, who in many episodes had to deal with what it was like to be half Vulcan and half human. While this often seemed to vex him greatly, I really don't think he would have wanted to be totally one or the other, and [that] was what made him special.

What we learn from these episodes is that we all need to have a balance within us, the light with the dark, the yin with the yang, and that if we empaths did not have our gifts, we would not be the unique, wonderful individuals that we are. [Ed's: Or be able to help others with their need for understanding and healing.]

Corrie Stanley, Chikara-Reiki-Do Master and Certified Angel Card Reader, Empath and Lightworker, owner of Earth Woman Energies. Visit or, call 785-806-3077
Corrie Stanley, intuitive


Special Mentions

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