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INSIDE — here are a few of the articles featured in the current issue of Pathfinder.
Editorial: Howling for Justice at this Hellish Harvest, pg 2

More about the Cover, pg 2, 13

"Collective Shaman to Heal the Collective,", pg 3


Editorial: Hear the. . .
Howling for Justice at this Hellish Harvest
© 2017 by Rose A. Jenkins, Editor. All rights reserved. [Note: Editorial abridged in this web version. Pick up a copy or subscribe for complete content.]
In esoteric and religious circles, we're often told that evil exists to confront and challenge the soul and stimulate its expression of "free will."Perhaps. . . But I tell you now, and have mentioned these things in other issues, that unless a soul is free from malicious confinement, i.e., slavery, ill treatment of all kinds – a soul struggling to find its way and express a higher Truth cannot be said to have "free will." . . .

Puppet Masters "Doubled Down" in 2017    Or, "Hell Hath No Fury. . . " Like a Planetary Logos scorned. Looking back over this year, 2017, a 10 year, a 1 year, is a very hard task, indeed, as so much has been damaged and harmed by seemingly unfettered evil: monster storms, floods, fires, earthquakes, volcanoes. (However, it's just possible that even the sleepers and deniers now see how far, deep and wide the evil has spread).

Then there is the renewed nuclear threat, where insane rhetoric by Trump is escalating the threat of state terror and mega-death. "Mass" shootings, whole nations embroiled, their citizens fleeing – to where? Eco-holocausts are being encouraged through the rollback of environmental and safety regulations – damaging our places of Beauty, bringing only ugliness, disease and death. Against the wishes and voice of billions of people.

Where Were the "White Hats"??
No, there were very, very few bright spots in this year finally coming to a close. At the beginning of the year, when we are naked except for Promises and Hope, I suggested that this Fire Rooster/10 (1) year could manifest as a "fiery presence in our hearts" – stoking the God who dwells therein – literally enthusiasm (the God within). No, it was the untamed, destructive quality of Fire that emerged – particularly through the Fire Dog president, Trump.

The good that survived the hideous assaults on our higher nature required the utmost dedication, resurging care-to-repair, i.e., getting back up again and again after being knocked flat, regeneration of the mantra of the Highest Good, and ceaseless prayers. . .

May You Receive Many Blessings in the New Year — Rose ("the editor") Jenkins

art by Rose A. Jenkins, Gaia Speaks

Special Message to the Millennials, Xers

To the 80s, 90s and early 2000s generations, the Neptune/Uranus in Capricorn, Pluto in Scorpio & Sagittarius, and Neptune in Aquarius generation: you are being seduced by technology that reduces your own intelligence, damages your DNA; reduces your real-world connection, and cuts off your connection with higher Cosmic Good. For example, look at the sly way that the mindless, "driverless car" is being hyped. Qui bono if "someone else" remotely drives your car into a crowd, into a tree, off a bridge, off a cliff?????

PLEASE heed the lessons from the past: What actually happened when the Military Industrial Complex foisted fluoridated water and "The Peaceful Atom" upon the 50s generation: the endless highway (how people could "escape" from a nuclear attack), expansion of suburbia that destroyed the boundaries and integrity of many cities in vast, unregulated, harmful development, and the unwarranted notion that "science can do no harm," as atomic waste piled up, was dumpted into the ocean, housed in leaking facilities???

The "dumbing down of America" commenced with the fluoridation of water, exposure to more and more toxins, mind-deadening vaccines, and the unacknowledged effect of the Nazi frequency (440 Hz), on consciousness. — Don't be fooled by "convenience"! It. Is. A. Trap.. . .

Editor's Free Will Test
As no sane, balanced person would consciously choose to permit any of these crimes to occur if they knew what the personal and collective consequences would be, such conditions CANNOT BE said to arise from Humanity's exercise of "Free Will." It is necessary in a true Free Will exercise, that adequate, truthful knowledge and information be available and consequences explained, so that there may BE a "choice," and an expression of a Free People.

Here are the vital questions to be answered:
[ ] Was the "choice" engineered by putting forth misleading information or witholding valid, vital, truthful information?

[ ] Was there fear and intimidation – physical, economic or other; bribery; retaliation against truth tellers and whistleblowers?

[ ] Was there wholesale suppression/overturning of the actual choices of people, or denying that there is a choice to be made?

If the answer to ANY of these conditions is "yes," then, folks, THERE IS NO FREE WILL, and the ancient lie of Free Will here in America (and everywhere on earth at this time) may be put to rest.

[ ] If "the media" and their henchmen lie continously and copiously, how are people to gain the proper perspective?

[ ] If there are no effective, independent mediators, analyzers, "thinkers," i.e., those who are free to interpret facts and data without the quid pro quo now seen in practically all sciences, how are the siginficant factors to be understood along with the pattern they make?

[ ] If government and other officials are bought off in "pay to say" schemes, how are people to trust them as sources of redress and expect them to provide for their needs? . . .

To Restore Harmony and Peace. . .

To the Rescue, then: Cosmic Justice is a superior form of Love – needed to restore Harmony and hasten the return of Cosmic Balance. We must, collectively brace ourselves and say: "Mercy has been extended too long to the bad actors in ALL of these areas. Penalty/Payment for all of the above IS NOW DUE." Let Justice, then, proceed, for:

If we love, do we stand by and allow that which is Good to be harmed? To do nothing, in other words? Wouldn't Love defend those in need? Put an end – bring to account – human predators, sociopaths who are defective, indifferent to the harm they cause?

If we love, can we stand by and continue to aid and abet the destruction of Nature and those doing the destroying?

If we love, wouldn't we defend and provide for our families? Our brothers and sisters everywhere?

Justice is the active arm of Love. . . Let it be used competently, with pin-point precision. Let it help sculpt our future civilization – using the heart, mind and hand – guided unerringly by Spirit. . .

  More About the Nov/Dec 2017 Cover
space “Archangels walk with Tobias”

From "Angels," published by Dover. Background by Rose A. Jenkins. Originally titled, "3 Archangels with Tobias," by Francesco Botticini. (See below. . .)

Some colors were modified. (Dear Francesco, hope you don't mind!) I've been nudged lately to acknowledge the work of Archangels Raphael and Gabriel in addition to my special friend, Michael. So, then, may we heal this Earth, calling upon the Angelic Realm more and more to counter the effects of evil done upon Her.

Tobias and the Three Archangles

From Reprinted as "fair use." Condensed. Edited for brevity, clarity and/or flow.

The Book of Tobias, as it is called in the Latin Vulgate Bible, is also known in the Greek Septuagint as the Book of Tobit. Both the Semitic origin of the book and the name Tobiah, which means Yahweh is my good, have been appreciated since antiquity. . . . The recent discovery of five scrolls of Tobit. . . in both Hebrew and Aramaic among the Dead Sea Scrolls in Cave IV of Qumran has given the book renewed attention. . .

The book begins with Tobit (or Tobias the Father), an Israelite of the Northern Kingdom who suffers blindness. His mother Sara, in Medes, is also suffering. . . But because of their good life and prayers, God sends the Archangel Raphael to help them. The virtuous young Tobias the Son is joined by the disguised Raphael on a journey to Medes on his father's behalf, and brings happiness both to his Father and Sara. [-]

Editor's postscript: The main image for the cover is a detail from the painting of "Three Archangels with Tobias," included in Dover's book, "Angels." It is by Francesco Botticini, c. 1470, in the Italian Renaissance manner. The original painting includes Gabriel (carrying a lily), but was cropped from the book image. Not clear in this image is the mystical fish that Tobias carries on his healing journey.    Top

Archangels walk with Tobias


If you tune in, you'll see that we need a
Collective Shaman to heal the Collective    Top

© 2017 by Phillip J. Watt, Contributor, Waking Times, (Sep. 10, 2017)

Material obtained from above site. Found at galactic Retitled by editor. Excerpt reprinted as "fair use." Edited for brevity, clarity, and/or flow. Editor's comments, etc., in square brackets. References omitted for space.– Image credit a combination of a copyright free wolf image and a painting of an Indian elder by John Devine.

The role of the Shaman [for] the original peoples is to resolve issues of the tribe that other members were unable to rectify themselves. They heal, they influence, they transform, otherwise known as the art of magic.

Traditional and contemporary shamans do this by consciously venturing into the non-physical realm – a practice called 'journeying' – to dance with the spirits of their ancestors and their land to find answers to their current affairs, and assist the energetic rivers to flow in more desired directions.

However, as the Western world became . . . 'civilised' over the course of several millennia, they tore the role of shamans and other energetic workers out of their societal infrastructure. Tribal peoples were labelled as primitive and undeveloped. Magicians hid in the shadows. Witches were burned. Organised religion stepped up to dictate their version of the divine to the masses, eventually leading to the secularisation of large portions of society, including their managerial structures.

Entire cultures progressively lost their connection to themselves, each other and nature, . . . . The war on metaphysics advanced. A philosophical disease called materialism took a toxic grip after industrialization, consumerism and the technological explosion saturated people's minds and hearts with predominately mundane and destructive conceptions of reality. Communities were now highly fragmented and the majority of people were sucked into urbanised enslavement.

But then the internet was created [allowing information to be shared instantaneously all over the planet], resulting with a significant amplification of cross-cultural ideas and behaviours.

. . . Amongst all this [turmoil] spiritual traditions and sacred practices were being increasingly revitalised in the shadows of our collective dialogue. The re-enchantment of our world has been long underway and is now coming to the forefront of discussion in alternative and [esoteric] circles, as well as slowly leaking into mainstream mindsets.

The . . . exploration of altered states of consciousness is becoming [more] common as individuals . . . have learned to research and apply their own version of energetic expression and manipulation . . . Nevertheless, the shamanic role has only slightly recovered [as] the process of working with spirits, information and energy for the benefit of the entire community [is still relatively rare].    Top

wolf and elder

Shamans worked with individuals, just like contemporary energy healers do. . . . [But in ancient times, healing an individual involved healing in the context of the whole, the tribe.]

. . . Regardless, the role of serving the tribe has evolved. Enter neoshamanism. This is necessary given that the clan is no longer made up of a few hundred or a few thousand individuals, as it did for most of our history; it's now [a] human community made up of over 7 billion people. There's no one shaman that can fulfill this [healilng] role

Therefore, a Collective Shaman is being [birthed]. – [This] is a potent time to recognise and honour, because we're at the fork of choice between control and freedom.

What we will collectively choose is yet to be determined. In any case, everyone of us inputs our own energy, our own processing of information, into the greater whole. [Whether] it's conscious or subconscious, we're all asking the Collective Shaman for help as a member of the human tribe, and we're all contributing to the energy that the Collective Shaman provides.

. . . So [at whatever level of awareness], process your experience – your connection to spirits, symbols, patterns, information and energy – as it relates to you, as well as how it relates to your human family. . . as both are important in our dualistically-connected construct.

In addition, feeding humanity's collective unconscious with healthy and evolutionary vibrations is but one layer of the interconnectedness that exemplifies our reality, so remember the biological, planetary, galactic, cosmological and interdimensional aspects, too.

Ultimately, the plethora of energy work being practiced in our era is undoubtedly positive for humanity, regardless if it's somewhat misguided or misunderstood at times. . . [Yes], there are charlatans in every discipline, including the metaphysical arts – [yet the re-spiritualisation of our species is a grand thing, a necessary thing] and will be a primary driver for bringing some sanity, justice and healing to our sick social system.

[Celebrate] the role we have in contributing to the Collective Shaman and its task of helping our human tribe to prosper. [-]

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