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INSIDE — here are some of the articles featured in the current issue of Pathfinder.
Editorial: Hammer and Tongs, pg 2

More about the Cover, pg 2

The Cracked Liberty Bell,, pg 3 (& "Why Do We Revere and Warehouse a Broken Liberty Bell?"

"The Great American Eclipse of 2017," – Astrologically Speaking, pg 3


Editorial: Hear the sound of distant drums? Or is it the pounding of.. . .
Hammer and Tongs
© 2017 by Rose A. Jenkins, Editor. All rights reserved.
We celebrate our nation's birthday as a celebration of revolution, overturning tyrants, striking a blow for individual freedom woven into our historical tapestry. That's what the Founders offered the citizenry of the 13 Colonies – quasi-independent, European-like states barely subject to a central authority.

That may have been the prevailing governmental scaffolding when there were only 13 states. With 50 states (not counting D.C.), and too many wars later, a central authority – vast, shadowy and fathomless (aka, "deep state") – it may seem futile to try to reclaim our sovereignty from a tyranical system more heinous than presided over by King George III. — Yet, we are being called to do just that.

The trampling of our Rights as Citizens has never been so thorough

[-] warrantless search and seizure; spying on every citizen;

[-] journalists held, beaten, hunted down for speaking and reporting what's going on;

[-] the right to peaceably assemble abused by paramilitary thugs, aka "Independent Contractors" (as occurred when the Standing Rock Sioux, supporters and journalists were beaten, arrested, harmed for trying to save Our Water from oil companies and their banker enablers);

[-] sabotaging all peaceful means to protect the Earth and its future from the Fossil Fuel junta (as recently seen by Trump's one-man declaration on war on the Earth by removing the US from the fragile Paris Climate Accord. . . )

The Ruling Cabal in Washington has declared war on. . .

[-] the elderly, retirees, veterans, the poor, the jobless, the homeless, the mentally ill (by cutting programs and support, "trumpeting" ill-will, prejudice, cruelty and indifference);

[-] children (through poisons masquerading as "vaccines," wherein millions of dollars in "hush" money have been paid out as compensation; through failing to address childhood poverty, GMO- and- pesticide- herbicide caused childhood "diseases," e.g., ADHD, lowered IQ, violence; failing to provide a safe learning environment, failing to take into account the creative and spiritual needs of children, failing to honor their innocence);

[-] the arts, artists, and public media (lack of support, lack of appreciation, producing more ugliness, promoting more violence, banality, lack of vision);

[-] the air we breathe and the water we drink (through mining, drilling, fossil fuel fracking; exploding the earth and natural systems, continuing the aluminized- toxin laden chemtrail program aka "geoengineering," compounded by drastic reduction of environmental safeguards, corporate shills installed in agencies that won't protect the people, animals, lands). . .

[-] animals and all other creatures who share life with us on Mother Earth.

Friends and Readers, how much more are we going to take?

The neo- con, neo-l ib, Trumpized power structure is determined to carry out the villainous Rockefeller- Bilderberger/ Illumaniti-"New World Order" – where there IS NO DEMOCRACY – only a tattered fable that was hatched — once upon a time and "trumpeted" as emerging on July 4, 1776 — with the ironical but noble "Declaration o*Independence," which was but the paper salvo of war and revolution against King George III.

It becomes critical for us to take additional steps to retrieve, rescue our dying Democracy from "the Enemy Within," i.e., the militarized ghouls who feast on our pain and suffering, take our taxes and give us less than nothing in return.

We should demand. . .

[*] a return to Paper Ballots (to make sure our votes are counted, overseen by non-political overseers);

[*] the overturning of the infamous Supreme Court precedent of 1886 that equated corporations with persons;

[*] make sure corporatists and their roulette wheel transactions (i.e., Stockmarket) are taxed at an appropriate level;

[*] cut the Military Budget from its current obscene bloat; reducing bombing of Syria, Afghanistan, etc (Militarist America spends more than half ofall discretionary spending on War, Deceit and Destruction. The Dept. of Defense can't even find the trillions it already has, so shouldn't require additional spending until it accounts for its losses.)

Joan w/sword and Light of Grace

[*] spending the money culled from military adventurism on:
*alternative, green fuels
*repairing our infrastructure
*rebuiliding our cities as Green Preserves
*providing decent housing, schools, jobs
*support for organic family farmers
*returning to natural time cycles
* shifting to pollution-free energy sources NOW.

Earth Alert!

I tell you that the boiling point is fast approaching, and we have but a little time to alter the shape o*the future. The effect o*the coming Aug. 21st total eclipse that will bisect America may also be the herald that underscores the deep divide within the nation – one that pits the State (and its puppeteers) against the People in a major way.

Evil erupts from Washington DC as regularly as "Old Faithful" erupts in Yellowstone Park. . .

[-] as a gang of facist politicians, openly blackmail, bribe, threaten, and overturn the people's choices;

[-] Big Money outright buying elections and installing personalized tailor-made politicians (and judges) permitted only because of the dirty lie that corporations are persons, that money is speech, with "inalienable" personhood rights, and unlimited voting power. . .

Do you see how this nation CANNOT continue under this Money Greed Rule?

Do you feel how unspeakable and unutterably foul this ruling junta has become?

Yes, I am impelled to say: There will be 'hell to pay' before we are able to overthrow the Shadow Forces and their unspeakable evil.

To Shadow Forces, I say:

"Your satanic crimes against
Nature and God will be upturned;
your path to dissolution
and disintegration is assured."

NOW is the time of Hammer and Tongs

[ ] the Hammer – to bust up foul towers and citadels of privileged evil;

[ ] Tongs – to remove the broken, toxic fragments from our institutions and government.

We have been given the choice:
Freedom or Death (of the spirit, of the soul as well as our well being and lives). Know that an abject, herd-like people will not see the Choice. Those with a vibrant, living soul will.
As ever, speaking what I see, what I am empowered by Spirit to utter; to help save the best and the rest that has been given to us; to awaken that which is still sleeping; and to stir up that which is awake ... but not yet activated.

God's Grace to us,

Heaven's Helpers Come Now!

Lend Your Aid to us –

Your Power and Love –

in this Stand Against Evil and Tyranny!

This Battle is Yours, as well. . .

— Rose ("the editor") Jenkins

There is a way forward to both regain our democracy and secure a more peaceful future. I am compiling my suggestions and editorials about our new place in the Galaxy into a book that will also include some of my artwork, which has appeared on Pathfinder covers, and poems. — Pre-order by sending $5 to Pathfinder, PO Box 300317, St. Louis, Mo. 63130, attn: "Opus."    top

  More About the Jul/Aug 2017 Cover
space “Seed Dreams”

© 5'17. Original work by Rose A. Jenkins.

Reaching into the Mind of the Plant, we encounter the place where the beginning of a new expression lives. We see the result of that dreaming in the beauty of the plant, as it grows. As in a poem I wrote (a long, long time ago) about apple blossoms: ". . . we are sisters, you and I. . . " My hopes for a better world stay fresh. . .

space    Top

Seed Dreams


Cheaply made, dumbed down from the start, the story of. . .
The Cracked Liberty Bell    Top

Material obtained from Wikipedia, en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Liberty_Bell. Abridged. Modified. Excerpt reprinted as "fair use." Edited for brevity, clarity, and/or flow. Editor's comments, etc., in square brackets. References omitted for space. Internet image.

cracked liberty bell

In 1751, the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly decided to have a large bell made to hang in its new State House (later Independence Hall).

The order was duly placed with Thomas Lester of the London bellfounding firm of Lester and Pack (today the Whitechapel Bell Foundry) for the sum of "£"150 13s 8d, (equivalent to "£"21,351.87 today*) including freight to Philadelphia and insurance. It arrived in Philadelphia in August 1752. [Ed's: Or around $27,000 in US dollars.]

[After setting up, it was determined that the bell was in good order, but it had not yet sounded, as the Assembly was in the process of building a clock for the State House's tower.] The bell was mounted on a stand to test the sound, and at the first strike of the clapper, the bell's rim cracked. . . Philadelphia authorities tried to return it by ship, but the master of the vessel which had brought it was unable to take it on board.

Two local founders, John Pass and John Stow, offered to recast the bell. Though they were inexperienced in bell casting, Pass had headed the Mount Holly Iron Foundry in neighboring N. Jersey and came from Malta, which had a tradition of bell casting. Stow, on the other hand, was only four years out of his apprenticeship as a brass founder. At Stow's foundry on Second Street, the bell was broken into small pieces, melted down, and cast into a new bell. The two founders decided that the metal was too brittle, and augmented the bell metal by about 10%, using copper. The bell was ready in March 1753. . .

City officials scheduled a public celebration for the testing of the recast bell. When the bell was struck, it did not break, but the sound produced was described by one hearer as like two coal scuttles being banged together. . . . Pass and Stow hastily took the bell away and again recast it. . .

In June 1753, the sound was deemed satisfactory. . . and the bell was hung in the steeple of the State House the same month.

In 1754, the Assembly decided to keep both bells. . .

Sept, 11, 1777, [At the Battle of Brandywine] . . . locals feared the Liberty Bell and other bells would [be converted into munitions so] the bell was taken down from the tower, and sent to the town of Bethlehem.

June 1778 – Returned to Philadelphia after the British departure. With the steeple of the State House in poor condition (the steeple was subsequently torn down and later restored), the bell was [again] placed in storage, and it was not until 1785 that it was mounted for ringing. . .

In 1828, the city sold the second Lester and Pack bell to St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Church, which burned down in the Philadelphia Nativist Riots of 1844. The remains of the bell were recast [Ed's: again!]; the new bell is now located at Villanova Univ.    Top

1817 - 1846: It is uncertain how the bell came to be cracked. . . . In Feb. 1846 [a local publication, the], Public Ledger, reported that the bell had been rung on Feb. 23, 1846 in celebration of Washington's Birthday. . . [and] that the bell had long been cracked and had been "put in order" by having the sides of the crack filled, but that the ringing had caused the crack to be greatly extended. Now, the "old Independence Bell" . . . hangs in the great city steeple irreparably cracked and forever dumb.". . .

Trying to find the cause(s) of the cracking The reason for the difficulties with the bell is not certain. The Whitechapel Foundry, still in business . . . takes the position that the bell was either damaged in transit or was broken by an inexperienced bell ringer, who incautiously sent the clapper flying against the rim, rather than the body of the bell. . .

Analysis of the Sequence of Errors In 1975, the Winterthur Museum conducted an analysis of the metal in the bell, and concluded that "a series of errors made in the construction, reconstruction, and second reconstruction of the Bell resulted in a brittle bell that barely missed being broken up for scrap." The Museum found a considerably higher level of tin in the Liberty Bell than in other Whitechapel bells of that era, and suggested that Whitechapel made an error in the alloy, perhaps by using scraps with a high level of tin to begin the melt instead of the usual pure copper. The analysis found that, on the second recasting, instead of adding pure tin to the bell metal, Pass and Stow added cheap pewter with a high lead content, and incompletely mixed the new metal into the mold. The result was "an extremely brittle alloy which not only caused the Bell to fail in service but made it easy for early souvenir collectors to knock off substantial trophies from the rim." <>

Why Do We Revere and Warehouse a Broken Liberty Bell?

© 2017 by Rose A. Jenkins, Editor. All rights reserved.

Does anyone else wonder why our national leaders have never seen fit to provide the nation with a functional Liberty Bell – one capable of ringing out loud and true the Voice of Freedom?

For a while now, I've looked at the iconic broken Liberty Bell, housed reverently in Philadelphia as a reminder of our nation's struggle for independence, and thought: "Couldn't we-the-people demand and provide a truer symbol of our country than a bell that won't ring?" Repaired several times, and finally resigned to dysfunction. Why?

The Silent, Voiceless Bell Was this iconic failure symptomatic of the rise of those who would denude us of our "inalienable rights"?

The bell's precise "death" is not really known, though, oddly enough, the shadow group which had sprouted in Europe around a 100 years or so earlier (i.e., Rothschilds, Illumanti, etc), was becoming entrenched in America around the same time. Was it designed to fail? Or just an unhappy coincidence?

In any case, isn't it time We-the-People demanded that our Liberty Bell be one that actually has a voice? That will sound out with one of the sacred tones? Surely, this is possible. May our collective aspirations for a nation reborn out of the current crises be met with Favor. May Grace keep all domestic enemies at bay – for as a "super power," our nation is more beset from within than without. We deserve to have our Voice heard, loud and clear . . . why not reaffirm that idea by reconstituting, redesigning our Bell – have it help us speak our peace?

— Rose ("the Editor") Jenkins    Top

Much of the country, especially the midsection of the US will experience. . .

The Great American Eclipse of 2017
Astrologically Speaking    Top
Click the link for stories:

[ Leo-Aquarius-Axis ] by Cassandra [ Eclipse Coming to the Midwest ] by Linda Sherwin [ Earth-Sun-Moon ] by Nikki Davenport
See charts below: US - 7-4-1776, Gemini Rising; Eclipse Chart, St. Louis, 8-21-2017; Eclipse Track.

Eclipse Track
space 2017 eclipse track

space Left chart, Gemini Rising; Right Chart, Eclipse Chart for St. Louis
space Gemini-Uranus rising chart     2017 eclipse chart, St. Louis, MO


Editor's foreword: As the coming total solar eclipse is a rare event for us, I've included several views of this event to help Readers better cope and anticipate what this may mean both personally and collectively. While there will be many venues to celebrate this rare event, it is the astrological community that helps illuminate the content and meaning of such events. One more thing: It would be a good idea for everyone in our area to pray hard and purge ourselves of negative emotional patterns. Use the "invisible" ultraviolet rays that will flow out from our Local Star to refresh our crystalline connection with the Heart of the Dove. . . nature and humanity.

The US Natal Leo/Aquarius Axis. . .

© 2017 by Cassandra Joan Baurle, Astrologer and "Stars" contributer

Cassandra Joan Baurle, astrologer

Article reprinted with author's permission. Some modification. Edited for brevity, clarity and/or flow. Editor's comments, etc. in square brackets.

What makes you happy? And, what is holding you back from embracing your bliss? These questions and more are about to be clearly identified as we experience "the Great American Eclipse of 2017" on Aug. 21st at 1:30pm CDT, at the 28th degree of Leo.

We are about to embrace the Leo theme of self-expression, creativity and personal joy until Dec. of 2018, against the backdrop of the Aquarius theme of 'group-think.'

THIS eclipse is rare; a total solar eclipse which will be visible across the middle band of the United States. [The most recent eclipse visible in the US was in 1979.*] . . . During totality, which lasts about two minutes, daylight is erased as the stars become visible and animals become disoriented. The celestial event has already grabbed the attention of the populace; accommodations along the path of totality have long been booked, and regional events are gearing up for the "great migration" of the populace to view this unique event. It is estimated that the highways along the band of totality, which include Kansas, Missouri, and Tennessee, will be like parking lots the day of the eclipse.

Nodes, Eclipses – Destiny Calling
Apart from the hoopla surrounding the Great American Eclipse, what is the astrological significance of such an event? To understand what an eclipse is, [let's] first explore the concept of the astrological nodes, as it's the nodes which produce the celestial phenomena of eclipses.

The nodes are not planets, but rather points . . . reflecting where the moon's orbit crosses the ecliptic. The nodes represent six polarities of the twelve zodiacal energies. The paired nodes of opposite signs are composed of the North Node, the unfolding destiny, and the South Node, the karmic past. Another way of conceptualization; the North Node represents fresh new learning while the South Node is the repetitive pattern of old lessons. It's our lifetimes' job to pursue the North Node while honoring the gifts of the South Node.

The past (South Node) is the foundation of the future (North Node). The nodal axis presents us with a challenge; learn the new lessons of the North Node while releasing the resisting energy of the South Node. We each have our own nodal axis at birth; sensitive points in our chart which encapsulate process of yin/yang.

While the popular focus is on Aug. 21st, the total SOLAR eclipse, the LUNAR eclipse of August 6th is the other half of polarity. Think of August 6th as the karmic release point in preparation for identifying our new destiny through the SOLAR eclipse of Aug. 21st.

The nodes shift gears once every year and a half or so, and return to one of the twelve zodiacal signs once every eighteen and a half years. Therefore, at approximately age 19 we experience our first nodal return; the time when we begin to consciously embrace the subtle messages of the lunar nodes. Check in with your 19-year-old self to recall what vision you had for your life. You might also reflect on what obstacles you encountered as you began to identify your calling. This pattern repeats approximately every nineteen years, so at ages thirty-seven, fifty-six, seventy-five and so on you `return' to actively balancing your inner polarity. Obviously, individuals at these ages will be most affected by the 2017 solar eclipse, as will people with personal planets in Leo/Aquarius. But we all will be catching the emotional wave of the eclipses.    Top

The Leo/Aquarius Axis
The Leo/Aquarius polarity in your own chart is where you will undergo this nodal evolution/dissolution. Leo* is the energy of dynamic creativity; singularity of self-expression, joy, and child-like exuberance. The call of the Leo North Node is to embrace whatever and however you define as bliss. What is happiness for me is not necessarily happiness for you. And herein lies the challenge; how to balance your happiness quest with others' opinions. The South Node in Aquarius is the release point. You may experience an entangled fear; what will people THINK if pursue my dreams, and am happy, too successful, too joy filled? A concern may be; will I lose friends if I put my needs before the group? We have until December 2018 to figure out this delicate balance. [*Ed's: Also "reigning" tendencies, kings, and autocrats/leaders. The Aquarian pivot for this energy represents human groups, stripping away of individuality, focus on what people have in common, not what makes each unique.]

Look to the Past as Preview of the Future
We do have practice in this endeavor. Go back to 2000, 1980, 1962, years with this Leo/Aquarius polarity, to reflect on the themes of blending personal happiness with group-think. Turning to pop-culture, the popularity of the sitcom `Friends' was peaking in 2000, led by Aquarian actress Jennifer Aniston. `Friends' broke ground with its' depiction of 20-something-year-olds who bonded as a group. . . Another `friends-first' theme was reflected in media during the sitcom 'Cheers' in the early 1980's set in a bar where `everyone knows your name.' [Back in the early 60s], Beatlemania hit the world's stage with radical creativity in music that rocked consensus reality in 1962.

All eclipses are visual reminders of the turning of the wheel. The `Great American Eclipse' is aptly named. . . [It is also connected with] Trumps' ascending sign as well as the North Node of the USA chart. If indeed eclipses are turning points and times when alliances are formed and previous connections severed, then this summer could be a time of rapid and radical change for the USA.

The USA's Leo North Node. . .
It's illustrative that the USA chart has a Leo North Node, or destiny. The Declaration of Independence codified a most Leo/Aquarius nodal theme,

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
The document blends the Aquarian ideal [humanity acting for the greater good] while simultaneously holding the right to pursue the Leo goal of [individual] happiness. During this eclipse year, the present US power structure will be karmically charged with somehow maintaining the delicate balance of personal freedom with group accountability.

And so. . . the cosmic call is asking us to embrace, develop, and create our happiness. What is to be left behind is the tug of the overdeveloped Aquarius; detachment, overblown logic, or consensus reality. Thematically, the South Node is the point of repeated karma and should consciously be modified to launch the North Node development. Aquarius is the group, the tribe, the collective, friends, the greater society. It follows that we should embrace our heart-filled courage and blaze forward with our individualized goals even if we run counter to the approval or consensus of the group. The individual reigns. The Leo solar eclipse inspires us to place our proverbial crown upon our heads without worrying about what the others may think. Stand out in the crowd; be different. Be the star of your own life!    Top

Eclipse 2017 Signposts for the Signs
Where is the eclipse theme of embracing your `bliss' most prominent in your life? Here is a solar cookbook style of guidance for you. Of course, use your rising sign if time of birth is known.

Aries: Focus upon your creative projects with confident abandon. Love, joy and romance require risk and confidence; you have it now! Release friends who are not on the same mental wave-length.

Taurus: Create the home you've always dreamed of; remodel, move, mend domestic fences. Let go of responsibilities, even a career, if it doesn't feed your soul.

Gemini: The Leo North Node is inspiring your mind; communications, writing, teaching and marketing are highlighted. Release outworn systems of thought as you cultivate and communicate your own version of `truth.'

Cancer: Embrace the promise of prosperity with the nodal shift; more resource of every kind plus the confidence to create an income aligned with your values. Release dependence upon others for approval or financial support.

Leo: You are entering a time of renewed confidence and joy in becoming all that you can be! Become the leader you've always dreamed of; fulfill your own goals even at the expense of a partner's disapproval.

Virgo: Explore the underpinnings of spirituality by falling `in-love' with the joy of aloneness. Exercise your spiritual practices with renewed vigor as your release unhealthy workaholic habits.

Libra: Take credit for your achievements. Align yourself with groups and colleagues whom you support and support you. Release outworn romantic fantasies, and hobbies which no longer interest you.

Scorpio: Confidently stride towards success. Accept leadership positions at your job, or, launch your own career which reflects your joy-filled creativity. Release domestic responsibilities to others.

Sagittarius: Time to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip! Expand your life through education, or, perhaps by finally writing that book. Avoid gossip and group think; as you embrace your own ideas and `walk your talk.'

Capricorn: Embrace the adventure of a life-time; explore the depths of your soul. Time to focus on psychological or spiritual practices which embolden your sense of power and authenticity. Release worry about finances.

Aquarius: Fall in love! Be willing to trust your partner, your best friend, your spouse. Be willing to release detachment and mental distractions as you mirror your worth through the eyes of the beloved.

Pisces: Embrace best practices to enhance your work productivity or healthy living. Be willing to invest time and resource to cultivate a healthier you. Release anxiety, nagging worry and isolating thoughts.

Total Solar Eclipses of the 20th c. Visible in the US

Jun. 30, 1954 (upper part of the Midwest); Mar. 7, 1970 (East coast, mainly); Feb. 26, 1979 (upper Northwest)

Cassandra Joan Baurle is a regular contributor to Pathfinder, with her "Stars" column. She has taught and written on astrological topics for many years.
    To assist in understanding and grounding the nodal energies of the coming eclipse, Joan is offering the `Great Eclipse Retreat' at the international summer resort center, Chautauqua Institution, in beautiful upstate New York over the weekend of Sept. 8th 2017. Details at willowlight. org/eclipse-retreat-sept-8-10.html. [Also see Special Mentions link above.]    Top

Eclipse: Coming to the Midwest, Aug. 2017

© 2017 by Linda Sherwin    Top

Linda Sherwin, astrologer

Article reprinted with author's permission. Some modification. Edited for brevity, clarity and/or flow. Editor's comments, etc. in square brackets.

"The Great American Eclipse," on Aug. 21, 2017 will be marked by a total solar eclipse that will sweep in an arc from Newport, Oregon, across the US to a long, isolated beach on a S. Carolina barrier reef and then out to sea.

All in all, the whole eclipse will only take an hour and 33 minutes to traverse the USA. [See above image] — We won't have another total eclipse visible from the US until 2024 [and even] that eclipse will not feature visibility from such a broad swath of the US.

Since the eclipse will be visible from Kansas City, Columbia, Jefferson City, and St. Louis, more Missourians will have a chance to see the eclipse of 2017 than any other state. For best views of the total eclipse, St. Louisans should head toward the south or west of the city.

That is the astronomy of what will happen. What is the astrological impact?

What does the Eclipse Portend?
Moon phases pack a wallop normally, but because the full Moon on Aug. 7 and new Moon on Aug. 21, coincide with eclipses, this wallop will be on steroids.

Eclipses bring change. I read this analogy, and it stuck: Imagine crossing a suspension bridge safely, only to see the bridge collapse behind you into the chasm below. There is no going back to the way things were. The only way open is forward. Eclipses feel that way. . . . You can't go back the way you came. The only option is to go forward.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius
The full moon on Aug. 7 will occur at 15 deg. of Leo/Aquarius,* affecting anyone with a personal planet at mid-degrees of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus. Things that had been hidden come to light under the full moon. . . . The moon is female, so it often describes a woman who is affected – a girlfriend, mother, grandmother, female friend, etc. The house of the horoscope the eclipse falls in a person's birth chart will describe where the effect will manifest. The lunar eclipse will offer a preview of the theme of the Great American Solar Eclipse on Aug. 21. [*See Editor's comments at the end.]

New Moon/Solar Total Eclipse
The new moon eclipse on Aug. 21 at 28 deg. of Leo will be felt most intensely by people with a planet in the late degrees (23-29) of the signs Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus or the very early degrees of Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces or Gemini (0-3). It is a solar eclipse, so it often describes an event related to a man in [a person's] life – a father, grandfather, boyfriend, spouse. . . you get the idea. Look to your birth chart to see the house that will contain the eclipse. That will indicate where the eclipse manifests change.

Feeling it. . .
Events triggered by the eclipse can show up on the exact date of the eclipse, or later. Eclipse effects last a good six months. [Ed's: Even very long afterward, as such events are like the ringing of a bell, with resonances persisting way into the future.]

In fact, we are still feeling the effects of the lunar and solar eclipses that happened on Feb. 11 and 26, respectively. The eclipses and the full and new moons of Feb. were marked by developments in the Trump-Russia investigation, beginning with revelations about the former National Security director Flynn. The investigation continues and has grown. Conservatives and Liberals hotly contest whether collusion or vindication has happened.

[-] The lunar eclipse of Aug. 7 [happens] at the time of the full moon in the sign of the ruling class – Leo – and the sign of the people – Aquarius. People and their rulers are in opposition, and see one another clearly in the light of the full moon. Aquarius's ruler, Uranus, was very pivotal during the Revolutionary War that led to our democracy. So, it could be inferred that rulers vs. democracy will be the issue. The full moon will allow us to see more clearly.

Aug. 21's new moon will be in the sign of the ruler, Leo. The eclipse and other planetary placements at the time of the eclipse, hit very sensitive points in both Donald Trump's chart and the US Chart.* Both are going to be affected. It is likely that the Russia-Trump narrative begun under the Feb. eclipses will continue. [*See editor's note at the end.]

Trump's planet of action and anger, Mars, sits on his 29 deg. Leo Ascendant from the 12th house side, the house of mysteries [aka "collective unconscious"], in the proud sign of Leo. His actions are often hard to decipher, his motivation the source of debate. The 12th house can play fast and loose with "reality." Because the 12th house also speaks to "hidden enemies," he can stir up powerful enemies and arouse opposition.

Astrological Factors affecting the President
* Trump's Mars is 26 deg. Leo; the eclipse is 28 Leo; his Rising Sign [Ascendant] is 29 deg. Leo, [so all three are conjunct]. — Rage and his social mask are being exposed at the eclipse. His actions are often hard to decipher, his motivation the source of debate. The 12th house can play fast and loose with reality. Because the 12th house also speaks to "hidden enemies," he can stir up powerful enemies and arouse opposition.

* Transiting Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is conjunct Chiron, "the Wounded Healer," in the House of [Shared] Values [the 8th House of Sex, Death and Transformation] at the time of the eclipse. — A wounding pattern will get bigger. Values and money are a central theme.

In Trump's birth chart, the Sun [in Gemni] representing his Ego, is opposite his Moon [in Sagittarius*], representing relationships with women. At the time of both the lunar and solar eclipse, Saturn, the planet of limitation, will be on his natal moon, opposing the natal Sun in the house of authority. The moon signifies women and family. Women and family will experience a cooling of their relationship with him.

These aspects in Trump's chart are also sensitive points in the US Sibley Chart, so there will be an impact for Trump and for the country.

* Trump's sun [ego], falls right on the US' Sibly* [chart below] Mars (anger/aggressiveness) at 21 deg. Gemini in the house of partnership. At the time of the eclipse, transiting Saturn (limits) will be directly opposite that Mars in the first house of the US. . . The planet of illusion/delusion, natal Neptune, sits on the fulcrum of that Saturn/Mars seesaw, [and] Neptune also rules viscuous liquids (like oil), so it increases the difficulty of resolving that Saturn/Mars split.

Eclipse 2017 and the US [Sibly] Chart [not shown above]
The US Chart has Moon at 27 deg. Aquarius in the Third House – directly opposite the eclipse on the New Moon in Leo at 28 deg. . [In Mundane Astrology], the moon is the soul of the people. Like the Feb. lunar eclipse, we have an opposition of the people and the ruling class. We also had a Leo/Aquarius split in the Aug. 7 full moon.

For a person, a country or a President the fate of the planets will combine with free will. What will change? Depends on who you ask. But change is coming. And we won't be going back. Forward!

Linda Sherwin combines her 40 year love of astrology with a master's degree in counseling Lindenwood Univ., 2005. Linda brings a practical approach, seeking tools to make life better now. Visit lindasherwin!

* Editor's notes: With respect to the Lunar Eclipse earlier in Aug., 15 deg. of the Fixed Signs is particularly significant in esoteric lore, indicating the Fixed Cross of Discipleship, "crucifixion" of the ego (or the Crucified Christ, representing the Cross of the Soul). In the Tarot, the "Wheel of Fortune" (the 10th card of the Major Arcana), features the four signs on the Fixed Cross: (Winged Man) Aquarius - (Eagle) Scorpio -(Winged Lion) Leo - (Winged Bull) Taurus. These in turn are associated with the four gospels of the Bible: Matthew - John - Mark - Luke respectively.

[-] There are various charts for ths US (as for many nations, the exact "birth moment" is unlikely to be known with precision) and various reasoned and supposed "moments" have been tried and tested. Each chart has its advocates and detractors. My own favorite US chart is the 8 deg. Gemini rising with Uranus on the Asc., Mars at 21 deg. in the 1st House [see chart next page]. This chart is likely the result of rectification, i.e., fitting ascendants/midheavens to events, and calculating the other houses from the resulting time. Although considered apocryphal, this chart resonates with many events in US history. The Sibly chart has 12 deg. Sagittarius rising, and is basically the inverse of the 8 deg. Gemini rising chart. This brings up an interesting point, i.e., the "self vs other" conundrum of the 1st vs 7th House. Keep an open mind – and see what best fits circumstances. Even then, it's best not to identify too strongly with a given chart or approach. Truth is more important than "reason's" map. . .

[-] Trump's Sagittarian Moon suggests that his mother was a rather independent woman who didn't want to be tied down (or had intellectual interests that kept her busy?). Trump may have felt that his mother neglected him (which also invokes his natal Saturn in Cancer), or who had too many interests of her own to lavish attention on him.

The US Jul. 4, 1776 charts (Sibly and the Gemini Asc.) feature N. Node in Leo and S. Node in Aquarius. Interestingly, the last several presidents all had strong (but negative) Leo characteristics, from Bill Clinton, GW Bush, Barack Obama. . . and now Trump. Bush and Trump have Leo rising, while Clinton and Obama were Leos proper. <>
Earth- Moon- Sun

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Article reprinted with author's permission. Some modification. Edited for brevity, clarity and/or flow. Editor's comments, etc. in square brackets.

Leo glyph   Aquarius glyph

On Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, [we will be visited by] a Total Solar Eclipse that will cross the contiguous US, and the shadow track, known as the "path of totality," will sweep over the US. . .

The shadow track* also crosses Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and the corner of Georgia. . . [*Ed's: See eclipse path above. This is also much in line with the Dakota Pipeline, so this event underscores all of the fallacious thinking that went into the Trump administration backtracking on preserving Lakota lands from this invasive "black snake."]

In St. Louis, the first moon-sun contact will be at 11:50 AM CDT, total eclipse begins 1:18 pm CDT, and last contact will be 2:45 pm CDT. — For the St Louis area, the northern edge of totality runs close to the Hi-Pointe and Forest Park South neighborhoods. Totality will last longest in Patch, the southern tip of the Carondelet neighborhood, with duration of 2 minutes, 40 seconds.

At the "brink of totality" the sun narrows to a filament of light and suddenly disintegrates into irregular dots and points of light called Baily's Beads, as the last rays of sunlight stream through. Be careful not to look directly at the sun during any part of the eclipse as it can be very damaging to your eyes. Also, be sure to obtain certified eye protection before eclipse time.

Through the "Myths" of Time
Eclipses have appeared in mythology in all different cultures, usually causing fear. The word eclipse is a Greek word meaning "abandonment." An eclipse, in ancient times, was seen as the sun "abandoning" the earth. An eclipse symbol is the dragon eating the sun as the light dims. . .

*The Incas tried to [frighten] the creatures who were eating the Sun.

*The ancient Chinese made lots of noise to scare the dragon.

* The people in India got into water to help the sun fight off the menacing dragon form.

*Vikings recount a pair of sky wolves in pursuit of the sun and moon. . .

*The Native American Navajo tribe knew that the eclipse [indicated a profound] time to reflect on the universe.

From an astrological viewpoint, eclipses are harbingers of great change. The Solar Eclipse at New Moon is "external," affecting our circumstances and often unexpected events happen out in the world and in our private experiences days before and after eclipse time.

Eclipses can. . .
[-] "Shake up our thinking"* and bring a feeling of fated events. They can bring a change of direction [*Ed's: As well as the ground!];

[-] Cause a feeling of disorientation or being "out of sorts";

[-] Either bring secrets into the open that have been hidden or obscure those things believed to be true.

[-] We may feel more emotional than usual.

When we take action at the time of an eclipse, the end result is usually not what we expected.

[Ed's: Astrologers usually suggest that actions be postponed for a period of time, at least a week, so as to allow for an anticipated outcome to progress more normally.]

Meaning of this Solar Eclipse
This solar eclipse, so strongly aligned with the US, so close to where we [Midwesterners] live, correlates with the possibility of major changes of all kinds in our connection to our government, leaders, individual communities, and our personal lives.

The astrology of the sun and moon zodiacal position at 28 deg. Leo brings to the eclipse energy an archetype of the majestic lion, leadership, kingly presence, performers, shining ones, and the glamor and opulence of nobility. As the sun and moon meet there is the flavor of star-power, charisma, heart driven will-power, and creativity.

A look at the spiritual energies around this rare eclipse through the Leo prism include an opening for universal light, special and unique understandings in the scheme of the New Moon beginnings, and in-depth perception with intellectual and emotional clarity. In Leo, we discover the power of the will, a dynamic force of spirit and the knowing that love is the ability to bring bliss to another.

The Leo eclipse is also associated with the Heart Chakra* which rules love, breath, balance, relationships, and unity. It governs romance, friendship, and heart connections. The heart chakra's force is equilibrium, and calmness; [its] spiritual energy is compassion and the eclipse gateway will be able to open the Divine Child in each of us. [*Ed's: It is known in Native American and esoteric circles that this region is known as the "Heart of the Dove." Let that Heart be truly informed by Cosmic Intent and the Loving Will. Note that "Anahata" is the Hindu word for the Heart Chakra.]

Finally, as we remember, the sun and moon meet every month at New Moon to refresh our perspective and renew our energies. In August, this meeting will be intensely powerful. The sun brings growth, self-expression, positive energy, and celestial power to help us shine. The moon awakens our emotions, intuition, and our connection to the natural world to help us look within.

On August 21, 2017 the American Total Solar Eclipse will have us looking up, our physical worlds will be unpredictably askew, our spiritual energies will be awakening in the magical darkness, and our lives will change!

Nikki Davenport is a frequent presenter at the Astrological Assoc. of St. Louis, a teacher and speaker of many years. She is available for consultation by emailing her at    Top


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