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Updated bimonthly: Mar/Apr 2017 issue

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The Venus Retrograde of 2017, pg 12

Master's quote (Share Int'l), pg 14

Pranic Healing for Emotional and Psychological Balance, pg 8

Venus' five-pointed star gets a another whirl this March. . .
The Venus Retrograde of 2017

© 2017 by Arielle Guttman, astrologer, author
Article reprinted with author's permission. Some modification. Edited for brevity, clarity and/ or flow. Editor's comments, etc. in square brackets. Image of the Venus star from Sophia Venus productions    Top
March 4 through April 15

Venus retrogrades for approximately 40 days between March 4 and April 15. This is the ending of the last and the beginning of the next Venus period (or synodic cycle) which runs for 584 days (1.6 years). This is always an important time in the cycle of Venus, this beginning and ending every 1.6 years. Think back to 1.6 years ago when the last Venus Rx occurred at 22 Leo in August 2015. That Leo point on the Venus Star and the energy that was birthed at that time is now morphing into or feeding this next Venus Rx Star in Aries.

In the slightly larger picture of the Venus Star, it also describes the beginning of the last 8-year period (think back to March 2009) and the beginning of the next 8 year period which will take us all the way forward to 2025. If we think back 8 years ago, at this time in 2009, Barack Obama had just been inaugurated for the first time. Clearly, that 8-year cycle of Venus has come to an end, but now we must focus on the 8-year cycle that's being birthed. What is being birthed? A year of passionate activism, no matter where you stand.

Mars, Uranus and Venus
A new political scene emerges in this Aries Star period and brings with it a Mars- ruled fiesty, bombastic, war-l ike, action- figure who wastes no time pushing a totally new direction. With Uranus in Aries as well, it is shocking, because the fires are erupting everywhere, spontaneously, with no warning. But Uranus always calls forth a spirit of rebellion and revolution. Whatever actions are taken, you can be sure there will be strong reactions. Of course, all of this can and does apply to the adjustments we are making in our personal lives as well.

Warrior Goddess, Passionate Activist, Athena
A mythological ruler of Aries is the goddess Athena. She is the warrior's strategist and voice of wisdom. Look closely at the advice that is given from Athena. This Venus Rx and Star point puts Athena front stage and center. [See Editor's note at the end.] To make best use of her energy, stay grounded, put your shield up, protect yourself and your assets . . . so take steps to review and protect them in this cycle.

Also, Athena is no victim. She is the Warrior Goddess, coaching us to stand up for what is right. Passionate Activism coming through this newly birthed Venus Morning Star in Aries suggests that when we are moved deeply to respond to something, there's no holding back. This Venus Star Point occurs at 5 Aries, the degree of "A Triangle with Wings," implying that a grounded, well-organized ideology is able to take flight.    Top
Venus Star 2017

Five-Pointed Stations: the Venus Retrograde cycle
The Venus Retrograde itself is a life review and it is especially directed around contracts or marriages (7th H) regarding assets or resources (2nd). Those two houses form a quincunx relationship which requires constant adjustment to stay balanced.

Neglecting the adjustments that are required to achieve balance in this area could very well lead to collapse if not transformed in some way. New life is waiting on the other side, after Venus turns direct. But before it gets back into Aries where lies all the momentum to move forward, she lingers in the last degrees of Pisces through late April. Don't respond to the temptation of falling back into victimhood at that time and accepting meager offerings. Athena's energy has helped birth the new Venus Star and carries with it wisdom to understand, strength and courage to act and protection to defend. Use it.

In the meantime, passionate activism sounds like a lot of screaming mouths, like babies, expressing their discomfort at some level. It's pervasive. Do we try to contain it, can we contain it, or do we just let the screaming continue? By the latter part of the Venus Rx, between April 15 and May 7, we are able to maintain firm ground in a new course of action.

Editor's note: Asteroid Pallas Athena will transit from 19 Pisces to 5 Aries during the retro Venus period. The forthright Athena Goddess is a bit ill- at- ease in Piscean waters; however, strategies involving secrets, securing timely revelations of withheld information or "field intelligence," even underhanded "sneaky" actions are likely. How secrets are used, however, becomes the province of fair-minded Jupiter now traveling through Libra. May it be so. . .

Arielle Guttman has written several books on astrological/ mythological archetypes and a breakthrough work on the Venus cycle, "The Venus Point." Visit sophia for more about the how the Venus cycle affects us personally and collectively.    Top

Upcoming presentation on Transmission Meditation. . .
“The people's voice is rising, imperious to be heard. It is the harbinger of the new time, the new dispensation, struggling to be born. Despite. . . the plans and actions of dangerous men, the people are throwing off their ancient yoke and claiming their right to be heard. . . The power of the people's voice breaks through the age-old bondage and points the way to the future.”    —The Master—
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Chakra clearing and . . .
Pranic Healing for Emotional and Psychological Balance
© by Barbara Ballard, MSW, LCSW

Article reprinted with author's permission. Originally published on site. Retitled from "Pranic Healing Part II." Some modification. Edited for brevity, clarity and/or flow. Editor's comments, etc. in square brackets. Illustration by S. Snyder provided by Barbara. Note: The illustration shows the basic seven chakras. Not all eleven mentioned below are shown in illustration. The other four chakras included below are indicatd by an asterisk (* ).    top

Pranic healing has a number of uses, one of which is to heal emotional and psychological problems. When a patient talks [with] a counselor, it is a way of releasing negative emotional energy which is often held in the mental and astral bodies. Traumas are stored in the "aura," which is the energy field around the body and also in specific energy centers known as "chakras."

Releasing these traumas can take many months or even years in traditional therapy. Combining both traditional and Pranic healing to alleviate disorders such as:

[ ] addictions [ ] anger [ ] stress [ ] phobias

[ ] childhood traumas [ ] compulsions

[ ] depression [ ] anxiety

A sense of well-being is often experienced after one session. What is distinctive about Pranic treatment is that there is a protocol developed for every illness or disorder, and is focused and has measurable effects.

Major Chakras
There are eleven major chakras in the body, each with a specific psychological function [see illustration next column].

[ ] The base [or root] chakra – at the base of the spine – is the center for self-preservation and dynamic activity in life. It is very sensitive to psychological problems. For example, depression makes this center smaller and depleted.

[ ] The sex chakra is the seat of memory problems and creativity.

[ ] The navel chakra is the center for the instinct of knowing [* ].

[ ] The meng mein chakra is like a valve above the base chakra and conducts energy flow up to the other parts of the body [* ].

[ ] The spleen chakra affects the physical and psychological energy level of an individual [* ].

[ ] The solar plexus chakra is also tied to survival, but it is the center of lower emotions and instinctive knowing. It is also the center of persistence, courage and aggressiveness. Most negative emotions sit here. An example: when someone yells at you, you may tend to protect and hold the area around your solar plexus, just between the rib cage.

[ ]The heart chakra is the center of higher emotions including peace, joy, compassion, kindness, brotherly love, patience and sensitivity.

[ ] The throat chakra is where higher creativity is located. It is the concrete mind, and where the concern for details is located, and is also connected with memory.

[ ] The ajna ["third eye"] chakra [between the brows] is the center of the higher mental faculties or the abstract mind. It is also the "will" center of the body.

[ ] The forehead, brow center, is the center of cosmic consciousness, clairvoyance and lower intuition [* ].

[ ] The crown chakra is the seat of higher consciousness and intuition. It is also the center of Divine Love. This center has a deep effect on brain activity.    top
Major Chakras

The Pranic process of treating mental and emotional problems involves intuitively scanning the individual's aura and chakras to determine where to cleanse and remove negative thoughts and feelings, then replace them with healthy energy. Each center is then sealed and patients are given some instructions on how to continue to enhance their healing process.

Barbara Ballard combines Pranic Healing with BioGenesis Tools to help bring about remarkable breakthroughs and freedom from disease on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Contact her at 314-393-8895 to schedule an appointment. (New webpage being developed at will have more information on the chakras and Pranic Healing, the BioGenesis tools and applications, and more.)    top

Barbara Ballard's play therapy


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