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May/Jun 2017

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Academy for the Intuitive Arts
Julia Marie, Founder
St. Louis, MO
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space    “I experienced spontaneous activation of my spiritual gifts and healing ability almost 30 years ago. Much of what I learned in those first months came through direct transmission from Spirit and personal experience. After years of living my life according to the principles given to me by my unseen Teachers, I began to offer classes. My goal is to encourage others to live a more conscious life through paying attention to the messages that Spirit gives us every day.”
Julia Marie, Intuitive Medium
About Julia Marie
She studied with various teachers and organizations in order to strengthen her gifts and gain a better understanding of the ways she can be of service. As one of only eight certified mediums personally recommended by Lisa Williams, she had the opportunity to read for people world-wide. Julia has attuned individuals to Reiki in both the United States and Canada, and offers attunement to Master Level in a Weekend Intensive Format. She currently teaches Intuitive Development, and offers one- day workshops on topics ranging from Past Life Regression to Shamanic Journeying. She also developed a one- day healing workshop which includes an attunement to the energy activated in her by Spirit 30 years ago (Restorative Energy Technique™). Julia continues to offer private mentoring sessions for individuals with busy schedules, and readings or energy healing for those in need of them.
Julia has been a presenter at Ozark Research Institute in Arkansas, and has been interviewed on radio programs in Kansas City and St Louis.
In addition to writing articles for her blog Your Intuitive, Julia is a regular contributor to Pathfinder News (links at the top).

Training and Certifications
• Usui Reiki Master and Teacher (1989)
• Shamanic Training from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies
• Sound Healing Training with Sharry Edwards (Levels I & II)
• Certified in Past Life Regression Dolores' Cannon's QHHT method
• Certified Regressionist with the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training (40 hours in residence)
• Certified Medium Training with Lisa Williams
• Certified in Projective Dream Work through MIPD (Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work) with Jeremy Taylor    top
Julia Marie

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space This little deck of 36 cards has been popular in Europe for over a century. I am a pure intuitive in my reading work, and for almost 30 years, have not used any divination tool. I noticed that people often like a focus point for the information, and found that the Tarot really did not resonate with me, whereas these feisty little cards do. They seem to have sharpened my spiritual vision as well. When you want straight answers about life's pressing problems, this is the reading for you. LENORMAND is more LITERAL. TAROT is mostly SYMBOLIC. Experience the difference for yourself.

space During a session, I blend my energies with those of Spirit, your Spirit guides and angels and other beings from the Higher Light Realms to deliver information that will assist you in making your own decisions. I don't use any tools during this session. I directly access the level of consciousness that holds the information. Here, your Guides and Higher Guidance provide clarity about your current life situations or spiritual path/purpose.

space I am a certified medium, which means I pursued formal training in both the theory and practice of mediumship, and was required to demonstrate my ability to connect with those who have crossed over while a working medium (my teacher, Lisa Williams) observed the link. During a medium reading, crossed over loved ones bring through messages of hope and healing, and provide evidence of their continued existence. Sometimes an accurate rendering of the loved one is produced. If this happens during your reading, the drawing and the notes that are made during the sitting are yours as a gift from Spirit.

space We explore three relevant past lives during a session so you can gain a new perspective on why yoyu may be experiencing recurring patterns or hold certain limiting beliefs in this lifetime.

space I use Dolores Cannon's method for past life regressions, which means you will have the opportunity to have some specific questions about your current life situations answered during the process. Bring these questions with you to the session, and I will attempt to speak directly with your Superconscious to get some answers for you. A regression session requires some time to prepare before the actual regression. We will meet and discuss your goals for the session, and formulate the objective for the regression. You will experience the regression, the healing/ release work after the regression, and then I will attempt to speak to your Superconscious. After the regression, we talk about the experience and during this period there is usually additional information that can come through about the lifetime just visited. (Once the door is opened, it can remain open for some time after the regression.) You receive a CD of your regression. Please allow at least 3 hours for your regression.    top
  space REIKI or RET (Restorative Energy Technique)
space I have been working as a channel for healing energies since 1991. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and originator of RET (Restorative Energy Technique •). The healing sessions include balancing your energy systems using Tibetan Bowls, essential oils, sound, crystals and colored stones, and subtle energy. I work with a group of higher dimensional Light Beings I call The Team. The Team does the work through me.

The healing brings the Divine Template of the Soul – in the form of Light – back into the body and superimposes this Light Body over the physical body. The physical body is helped to correct itself and alight to the Divine Blueprint so the body remembers at a structural, genetic, functional and energetic level what its true 'normal' is.

We provide support for your physical and emotional healing during a session. Clients have reported feeling lighter, happier, and having more energy after a session. Some have reported miraculous results:

When Julia Marie put her hands on my lower back, I could feel the heat. The headache was gone in a few minutes. . . I have gone from not being able to hardly walk and living in constant pain to enjoying my life again. I am very grateful to God for sending His healing instrument to me that day. Thank you, Julia, for the help you gave me. —Ray Price, Harrison, AR
Sessions provide pain relief, relaxation, improved sleep; they accelerate healing, reduce stress and anxiety, and heighten spiritual awareness and well-being.    top
space Sound immediately rearranges the molecular structure of the body.
space The purpose of this work is to clear, balance, and align the energy fields of your physical and subtle bodies through the use of Tibetan bowls and subtle energy.

Sound is energy. The vibrational energy of Tibetan Bowls can adjust, restore and maintain personal harmony. Our bodies are made mostly of water. Every day, we are subjected to disharmonic sounds which have a negative impact on us. We can do something to reverse this damage.

A singing bowl sound bath is an effective way to re-establish harmony in your physical and subtle bodies. In most people, harmony is restored after only 20 minutes of listening to the sound of singing bowls.

space All healing sessions take place on a laminar mica mat. Laminar crystals have the ability to absorb and transmit the higher vibrational frequencies required to support healing of the physical and subtle bodies. Laminar mica has the capacity to collect and transmit frequencies from the ambient free energy of the Universe. Mica crystals are also said to have the ability to significantly reverse the aging process, restore function to many parts of the body and reduce arthritic pain. space
space Our dreams provide us with tremendous intuitive guidance, and are the gateway to a true understanding of the complexity of our nature. You CAN increase your intuition by recording and actively working with your dreams. Dreams come only in service of your healing and wholeness, and when you work with your dreams in a group, you increase your ability to understand the messages. We are uniquely blind to our own shortcomings, but are very capable of perceiving patterns in others' dreams. Only the DREAMER knows what is true, but working in a group will expand your understanding of the dreams you are given. FREE Talks will be scheduled in the coming months, and your first Dream Work Session is 50% off. Check out the St Louis Projective Dream Work Group Meetup for more information.

space If you prefer one-on-one sessions or if your busy schedule won't allow you to attend regularly scheduled classes, this option is for you. Includes private Projective Dream Work sessions.   top
space Spirit has requested that the opportunity for healing be made available to all. Experience the power of compassion, Light and healing. There is no charge for this work, but a donation of at least $20 is requested to support this project. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY. ALL ARE WELCOME. Look for Pathfinder News on stands or visit the Pathfinder Calendar for announcement of the next Group Meetup.

space This work specifically supports the body's transformative process. Light Infusion and TeamWork• are at the heart of a session. Not for the faint of heart. Often precipitates an accelerated shift in one's life.    top

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